Command # 1

1999 Chevy 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive Suburban.  Purchased in 2006, this unit is utilized for fire command purposes as well as for traveling out of town to training and other fire department business.



Engine #1

2010 E-ONE Typhoon Custom Cab pumper.  Seating for 6 personnel; 450 hp Cummins engine; 1,500 gpm Hale pump; 1,000 gallon water tank; 30 gallon foam tank for Class A foam; 5,500 watt generator with 5 cab mounted scene lights; 1,000 ft. of 6" large diameter supply hose, plus over 500 ft of 2 1/2" hose & over 500 ft of 1 3/4" attack hose.  Rollup compartment doors & drop down ladder rack.  Carries 8 complete SCBA & 12 spare air cylinders; chainsaw; 20 ft. of hard suction hose; Akron Mercury monitor & Akron Apollo deck gun with stacked tips.  Carries much more equipment, such as AED, 1st Aid, nozzles & various other fittings, etc.








Engine #2

1998 Central States Fire Apparatus with 5 person cab with automatic transmission.  Has a 1,500 gallon Darley pump and 1,000 gallon poly tank.  Class A and B foam with 10 gallon storage tank each.  6,000 watt truck mounted generator with 2- 1,500 watt truck mounted scene lights.  Carries 1000+ ft. 6" large diameter hose; 2- 1 3/4" preconnect crosslays; 1000 ft of 2 1/2" hose; K-12 saw; PPV fan; 40 ft of 6" hard suction; 8 SCBA and 10 spare bottles; various other equipment.


58 F1

2007 Ford F-550 4 door four wheel drive chassis with automatic transmisison.  Has a 350 gallon poly tank; Scotty foam system with 15 gallon foam cell; 100 gpm pump and electric hose reel with 100 ft of 1" wildland hose.  Also carries a wildland pack which holds 500+ feet of 1" wildland hose.  This is the third apparatus to have the "on fire" appearance.  We have grown accustomed to the white trucks with the "flame" look. 



58 F2

2001 Ford F650 210 hp chassis with automatic transmission.  This tanker carries 1,300 gallons of water and complemented with a 100 gpm pump; quick dump; 1500 gallon dump tank; 2 SCBA plus spare air bottles; other various tools and equipment.  Metal work built locally and truck put together by fire department personnel.  This was the second apparatus of the fleet to have the "on fire" appearance and has gotten lots of looks and smiles by those that see it.


58 F3

2000 Freightliner 300 hp extended cab chassis with automatic transmission.  This tanker holds 1,300 gallons of water and the pump is 100 gpm.  This unit has a quick dump; 3 SCBA; 6 spare air bottles; various other equipment and necessities.  Metal work built locally and the truck put together by fire department members. First apparatus of the fleet to have the "flame" appearance.



                               (picture coming soon)

2012 Ford F550 4x4 crew cab brush truck.  400 gallon water tank; 8 gallon foam tank; grass rig pump; booster hose reel; 410 gpm floatation pump; drafting capabilities; 12 volt scene lighting; chain saw and other wildland firefighting tools.



Brush #1

2004 Polaris Ranger 6x6 ATV.  Carries 115 gallons of water; Scotty foam system and an electric booster reel with 100 ft. of 1" wildland hose and a front mounted winch.  A very agile unit in getting in tight remote spots during wildland incidents.


The Mack

(Photo upcoming soon)

1949 Mack 500 gpm pumper.  Was used actively until around 1980 when we received our Engine #1.  Currently is only utilized for parades and other similar functions, however has driven to fire schools all across the state in recent years.


Ladder #1

(Photo upcoming soon)


1986 Grumman-Duplex 102' Aerial Platform Ladder truck.  Waterous 2 stage 1,500 gpm pump; personnel carrying area for 5;  6,500 watt truck mounted generator; 400 ft. of large diameter hose;  450 ft. 1 3/4" Hi-Combat hose on preconnect crosslays; 6 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus plus spare air bottles; Extrication tools; and a PPV fan are some of the features of this unit.  Formerly with the Pierre (South Dakota) Fire Department, this apparatus was purchased through a sealed bid to the insurance company in July 2007 for $52,578 under sealed bids.  This apparatus will severely enhance the needs of the community on structural fire protection in the city.  This unit replaced a 75 ft. 1960 ladder truck that we had for about 18 years that was unsafe for use anymore.